Friday, June 21


"A portrait of my littlest, once a week, every week in 2013" 

joining in with jodi and all the others at che and fidel

jessica: a beautiful sunny afternoon spent at harndorf children's farm, baby animals galore, kangaroos, donkeys, camels, miniature horses and even a cow to milk... the smile didn't leave your face as you flitted from one animal enclosure to the next, patting, cuddling and talking softly to them all...we can't wait to return...


  1. glorious smile, pictures and knitwear! win win win! xxxxx

  2. Love her little sweater! What fun pictures!!

  3. These are so sweet, she looks so happy, as does that little calf!

  4. The Hahndorf children's farm is lovely, I took Everly when she was 12 months old but we've been meaning to go back again, now that she can walk well and understands more about animals. So much fun!

    1. we only happened upon the children's farm by chance, i never realised it was there. now that we know, i can see it will become a regular feature on our trips to the city. there were so many baby animals, we both had such a brilliant time patting them all. x