Sunday, May 26

these days

last week (yes i am a bit behind)...

returning from our tropical holiday we spent a few days in adelaide... visiting family and friends... exploring other peoples gardens... admiring rusty hued autumn streetscapes... collecting fallen leaves and crunching them underfoot... enjoying a bit of late autumn before returning home...

1&2. visiting an amazing overgrown apple orchard to pick our own fruit.
3. the "clubhouse" that sits beside the private bowling green at nanna and pop's place has seen better days but i thought it looked gorgeous clothed in autumn leaves.
4. the earthy hues of well weathered wood.
5. sisters, off exploring together.
6. rusty iron, just as lovely as weathered wood.
7. nearly bare branches set against a beautiful bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds floating gracefully by...
8. jessica in the wisteria tunnel at the botanical gardens... always wanting to explore but making sure mum isn't far behind.
9. i probably couldn't tell you enough how much i love autumn and autumn leaves.
10. babycino contentment!
11. yes i really do love autumn and autumn leaves.
12. "i want to go to the rose garden mum". this girl doesn't forget much. it has been months since we have been here yet this is what she said when i mentioned we were going to the botanical gardens. we wandered dreamily for ages... smelling the roses... before having to rush off to save the car from a parking ticket!
13. the yellow roses are always my favourites.

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