Saturday, May 11

these days

this week... scenes from our tropical holiday...

i have just spent the laziest twelve days of my life lying by the pool with my head in two very trashy books while my love and my littlest played nearby in the water... very relaxing...

1. corn cart on the beach
2. jimbaran bay sunset
3. the beautiful gardens of our resort were full of tropical flowers
4 & 5. the amazing facade of the potato head beach club.
6. jessica taking a break from the pool and kicking back at the potato head.
7, 8 & 9. path along the cliff top, the temple and the steps leading up to the temple at uluwatu
10 & 11. i was ever so grateful for a rainy morning when we went to visit uluwatu temple... it keep the monkeys (mostly) in the trees. 
12. cliff top scenery at uluwatu
13 & 14. splash after splash... jessica shows no fear in the water and would jump in again and again until her little body was exhausted.
15. palm trees silhouetted against the afternoon sky.


  1. You lucky lady.
    Such a beautiful spot.

  2. Oh boy...soooooo envious! What a setting.

  3. oh how wonderful!!! 12 days... wow!!! good for you.