Saturday, April 6

these days

this week... 
although we are still having some warm days, there is a softness to the air, the sun isn't so harsh, the mornings and nights are cooler, socks and jumpers cast off mid morning and put back on in the evenings, calm almost windless days, perfect weather, autumn is truly here!

how fast this week has flown by but somehow time seems to have stood still as well... how can that be?
i have hardly held the camera in my hands this week so only few snaps.

1. a scene that will happen an hour earlier now that daylight savings has ended. the sun will shine in the window at 7.30 instead of 8.30 in the morning.
2. golden morning light shining on my new sewing/crafting room wall.
3. milk mustache before bedtime.
4. it has been years since i have had any plants in the house but now that i have a few i am really enjoying the freshness they bring (i just have to remember to water them!)
5. still loving the colour of my kitchen tiles. i especially like them at night in the glow of a dim light. they have certainly changed the mood of this room.
6. oh tilly dog! she gave us such a fright this week that saw us rush her to the vet 170 kilometres away at five in the afternoon. we didn't think we would be bringing her home again. when we got to the vet she was fine, we shook our heads in disbelief. it was not a fun afternoon! the next day at home she was back to her usual self, chasing chickens and digging up seedlings...
7. flower at sunset.

joining in with lovely Em.


  1. Oh how lucky are you with a new crafting/sewing room. Looks like it gets a nice bit of afternoon sunshine too.
    The kitchen tiles are such a pretty colour.

    1. morning sun actually and only very briefly. i love having all my sewing and crafting things accessible in the one place, it makes such a difference from having to find things from the back or tops of cupboards. x

  2. Oh the delicious vintageness of your kitchen. Beautiful.

  3. Hi Jo, Found your blog via your comment on my marmite post! Loving reading about your days and am now a new follower. Hope your week is a good one. Lisa x

  4. Beautiful light and shadows - and love the colour of those tiles!

  5. such lovely shots. i love the warm light in the first two shots. hope you have a great week!

  6. jo these are gorgeous! those flowers! x

  7. oh that golden morning light!

  8. Those flowers are just delightful and the golden light making those shadows is beautiful. xx