Saturday, March 16

these days

this week...

goodbye dull hospital grey/blue walls... hello bright lovely antique white usa white walls. i have spent the week painting our kitchen. oh this has made me happy happy. two rooms to go and the grey/blue will be a thing of the past. i don't really like the painting bit but i love it when a room is freshly painted. i like taking everything out and then selectively putting things back, rearranging, placing things and making it all just so.

1 & 2. while i painted jessica found ways to amuse herself. putting feathers between her toes and looking at them through the magnifying glass... who would've thought? feathers between toes makes me a little squeamish!

3. being inspired by the beautiful colours of sea glass.

4. i always like to have something in a vase but the florist is a long way away. there is not a lot to pick around here unless you are prepared to be creative. often i like it better than a bought bunch anyway, it is much more natural. these are stems of fennel seeds from our garden and they smell wonderful as you walk past them.

5. i have had a few internet problems this week and been very grateful for them. sometimes it is so nice not to have technology available. i didn't have time for it anyway. by the way i love the desktop illustration by rebekka seale this month, i love the autumn colours.

6. our new nature table set up inspired by an everyday story blog. i have so enjoyed discovering and reading this blog recently. jess has been standing up on a chair to play and rearrange the items in our tray many times in the past few days.

7. still life on the sideboard. pictures waiting to be hung, stems of fennel, nature tray.

8. the pumpkins finally made it off the back doorstep. they bring a little bit of autumn indoors.

9 & 10. evening light caught on cosmos flowers.

joining in with the lovely em.


  1. oh jo, the images of nature in your home are beautiful. that sea glass - swoon!
    ps. i love an everyday story too. so inspiring x

  2. beautiful collection! somehow a freshly painted room feels like a fresh start :)

  3. looks like a lovely week, what a beautiful collection. See you tomorrow for another one :)

    thank you so much for linking up, what a pleasure to have you

    xo em