Sunday, March 31

the egg hunt

just a few snaps of the easter morning egg hunt.

the night before we had left out a basket of eggs that we had decorated during the week and some carrots from the garden.
there was great excitement in the air
on the back doorstep we found the evidence that the easter bunny had been, an empty basket and the tops of the carrots left behind,
we followed the bunny footprints across the paving and up into the garden.
coloured eggs had been hidden with care,
the grass dewy and cool, we hunted through bushes and flowers placing each found egg gently into the basket. at last there was just one left to be found... 
a special chocolate bunny and egg hiding in amongst the wheat grass green manure... 
a little girl who couldn't get at it fast enough.
back inside the chocolate eggs were uncovered from their shiny wrappings, the little egg eaten and the chocolate bunny left sitting on the table... maybe for later?


  1. Looks and sounds like a gorgeous Easter. The eggs look so pretty too!

  2. I just love the excitement of little ones enjoying times like Easter and Christmas, that innocence is so special. xx