Friday, November 2

our travels part 2

the one full day of our 'mini' break started off cold, extremely wet and very windy. we wondered what we were to do all day. 

we needed to burn some energy so during a break in the rain we took a brisk walk around the headland circuit track on ulladulla's headland. water was streaming down the paths but luckily we missed any rain showers and managed not to get too wet. along the circuit were cravings depicting the story of aboriginal life in the area and how it changed when white man came to settle in australia. the cravings were lovely (and there were many) but my favourite is of the frog.

after a lovely lunch at a very nice vegetarian cafe in milton (where we ate three times during our brief stay in the area), we headed further south to a national park. by the time we arrived at pebbly beach the weather had cleared. it was a gorgeous drive in through tall gum tree forests (oh how i love tall trees) and the beach was glorious. grass down to the sand (none of that dusty dryness we have around home), a sweet little creek coming out of the forest and flowing down to the sea. new south wales really does have some very beautiful coastlines.

 the tamest wild kangaroos lazed and grazed on the grass and we watched them for a bit but i would say jess's highlight was throwing bits of sticks into the stream and watching them float towards the sea. as there are no creeks, streams or rivers where we live this proved to be lots of fun.

unfortunately my camera battery went flat and i missed taking any photos on the final day of our crazy quick south coast adventure.


  1. It looks so beautiful where you went! And tame wild kangaroos? That's just the best!

    1. it is such a beautiful part of australia. so different from where we live.
      i love kangaroos and it was great to be able to get up close to some "wild" ones. the kangaroos we get around here are very timid. jess wanted to pat them and cuddle them but of course we couldn't. a couple of days after this we went to the zoo and there was a lovely gentle kangaroo that could be cuddled (and was!)