Thursday, November 1

our travels part 1

we recently spent four very brief days in new south wales. it was a trip that was meant to be a little longer but work circumstances and changes weren't in our favour.

we spent the first day in sydney with family and while jess and i were awaiting alistair's arrival we took a little walk in the bush to a lookout with a view over middle harbour.

there were so many different plant species along the way although i have no idea what many were, being from a totally different part of the country, as i am. i loved it though as the sydney bush is so different than our bush at home. i tried to photograph many plants but walking with a toddler and a dog that doesn't belong to us made taking many photos (of quality) difficult. jessica wanted to hold the dog's lead and i didn't trust "jumbles" the dog not to run off if i let go.

it was such an enjoyable walk though and jess loved feeding gumnuts to the craved lizard at the lookout.

next heading to the south coast...

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  1. sometimes it's so tricky getting pictures and taking care of tiny ones. I feel you.