Tuesday, October 2


details in green and white... with a speck of blue too.

when i worked as a florist my favourite colour combination was white and green. i love green flowers, green buds and crisp white together. it was always very exciting when any green flowers came into the shop and we would all clamber to use them first. they brighten and liven up any floral arrangement no matter the colour combination.

i love the tiny details of plants. the softness of a petal, the intricacy of stamens, the texture of stems and branches, the sighting of the smallest fruit beginning to grow, the shape of each individual leaf, the way tendrils twine their way around each other.

today in my garden, in amongst the bold 'look at me' yellow and orange flowers some delicate details were discovered.

from top left...
the first quince flower (oh let it be followed by fruit!)
a tiny apricot
rosa rugosa stamens holding on, the petals long gone.
a tiny dandelion puff caught on a shiny leaf
so little yet so intricate, a cornflower bud
the centre of a poppy
a hollyhock bud
another quince flower bud ready to burst open
star shaped borage flower
sweet pea tendrils
the bee magnet


  1. I have a packet of borage seeds on the bench ready to plant- i love those flowers when they pop up around the vegies. I'm planning on growing them at home and in our school garden. Beautiful garden photos Jo :-)

    1. borage is great isn't it? i wouldn't have a garden without it.