Wednesday, October 3

calm seas

as the little one decided not to take a nap again today, i had her bathed, fed and ready for bed

... a little too early, the sun was still up!

so we took an evening stroll down to the jetty as the sun was beginning to set. we used to do this a lot last summer. it is a lovely time of day. at times when it has been hot and windy during the day, as the sun lowers itself towards the west, the wind and the sea have a tendency to calm down.

like they did today.

a sense of calm has come over me today too. a calmness i realised i haven't felt for the last seven weeks.  it may have a little something to do with alistair's return tomorrow. 

we can't wait.

i put a tired little girl to bed expecting she would fall asleep quickly but she was much too excited to go to sleep. she can't wait to see her dad and has all sorts of plans for him, games to play, songs to sing, showing off new climbing skills at the playground, having shoulder rides and going for bikes rides.

 jess is excited!

i am calm!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad for you both that you get to see him soon. That must be so hard to be apart for so long.

    1. yes it is hard but it is the way our life goes at the moment.

  2. I hope you enjoy a blissful reunion :) And that you get a little bit of time to relax and recharge x

  3. thanks nicole, relaxing and recharging are exactly what i need as you would know too x