Thursday, September 6


jess has only recently become interested in puzzles. 

she will sometimes choose to do puzzles at the playgroup that we attend each week and will work on them for quite some time with little help from me.

at home is another story. 'mummy  can do it'. i am not sure why this is. they are such curious creatures aren't they?

this puzzle is one that jess received for her birthday some time ago. when i first put it out for her to try, she just wanted to watch me put it together. i think she thought it was too hard and was very reluctant to try piecing it together although she quite liked matching the 'heads with the tails' so to speak.

each time i put it out, jess has gained more confidence with it and can now do most of it independently and we have less of the 'mummy can do it'.

the last photo was taken by jess who would love to take photos with my camera all day long!

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