Friday, August 31

the yellow season

golden yellow blooms are everywhere. in our front 'paddock', in the garden, in the bush, along the roadsides, its everywhere i look.

canola yellow, poppy yellow, daffodil yellow, wattle yellow, sour sob yellow, wildflower yellow.

spring is here.

it's probably my least favourite season. i am always a little sad when winter comes to an end and in my part of the world it always seems to come a little too soon.

the air starts dying out, the relentless winds rip through sucking the moisture from the soil, the green turns to brown, the temperatures rise. we have to remember hats and sunscreen whenever we venture outside. i find it is a time of great adjustment for me.

mmmm... i am a much happier creature during the winter months.

1 comment:

  1. I think I agree with you. Seems we have very similar climates (only reversed of course). I do love our yellow season though. Somewhere in late Jan everything turns bright yellow. I really enjoy it. The dry summer though...