Sunday, July 15


i love it when i come across little scenes like the one above.

something very important is obviously going on.

jessica has been involved in some very long and complicated games lately. animals and the dolls house people feature in them and are moved all over the house and set up in groups and in lines.

playgrounds are built with tree blocks and pebbles, everyone is always off to town or the shop. 

our playsilks are having a lot of use at the moment too. covering and wrapping seems to be jess's new thing. 

while jess has happily played the day away, i have spent much of the day pondering and thinking about how the toys are displayed and set up. it is time to make a few changes i think. i always find this helps to re-ignite interest in the toys that have been forgotten. 

i have been looking through my many pins on pinterest for inspiration but i am afraid there is a bit too much inspiration going on there, a bit of overload. do you find that too?

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