Wednesday, July 25

doodle on the moon

jessica just loves the moon.

there aren't many days that go by without us talking about the moon and it's size (or should i say phase that it is in). most nights we will go out before bed to see if they moon is up and say goodnight to it.

a few days ago i came across this wonderful free printable moon via pinterest. its from the website mr printables. there are three different sizes that can be printed. me, i had to go for the biggest.

while jess was napping i set up a little area just for the 'moon'. i taped the moon to the blackboard and draw a few houses and stars, added some crayons near by for jess to doodle with.

 to the felt board i added some shapes to manipulate, a rocket and the phases of the moon. 

i gathered together some moon books, although i wish we had more. i will have to search the library.

our favourite is papa, please get the moon for me by eric carle. we have read this book so many times.

the classic goodnight moon by margaret wise brown. i found this at the op shop and although i like it and jess likes it i am glad i didn't pay much for it.

i took the moon for a walk by carolyn curtis and alison jay. just adorable. i love any of alison jay's work. i like the informative section in the back of the book about the phases of the moon and night life.

not really a moon book but i thought i would include it for now as it relates a little bit to our theme, on earth by g.brain karas. i find this book delightful as an introduction to the earth and the way it revolves around the sun and how that effects the seasons. jessica hasn't warmed to this book yet as i guess the concept is a little above her years.


  1. Cool idea! Audrey went through a moon obsession a few years ago. Then the stars. Then the sun. It's sweet when they're world opens up and they see all these amazing things about them.

  2. yeah it is very sweet, isn't it? i just got a couple of non fiction moon books from the library and at first jess wasn't interested and thought that they were daddy's books. i showed her a photo of a man walking on the moon and then she wanted me to read the whole book to her, she was truly amazed.