Tuesday, July 24

coming home

over the last few days jessica has been asking quite a few times to be lifted up so she can see the world map. i should have it lower for her really.

we have been discussing her daddy's arrival home this week and how he will be travelling... boat... then plane... then another smaller plane... then we will pick him up at the airport and all drive home together. jessica likes to hear all the details.

we can hardly wait for his arrival.

we have also been discussing where friends have gone for their holidays and have added a couple more red strings to the map. jess can now point out england on most world maps. it is the destination where her little play mate has gone for three months and new zealand where our dear friend chris went to for a holiday recently.

i have noticed jess chatting away while she is playing and sometimes the toys 'are off to new zealand' as she puts it.

we love our world map and refer to it often. i recently read a great article here titled why every home needs a map. i totally agree.

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