Wednesday, May 2


i have wanted to have a go at making our own bread for a while now.

by that, i mean hand kneading and baking in the oven.

now i can finally say i have done it.

we used to own a bread maker many years ago so technically i have made bread before but i found that we ate too much bread, it wasn't good quality and i eventually didn't like the yeasty taste it had. so the bread maker was given away.

what i really want to make is sour dough bread using a sour dough starter and quality whole grains that we mill into flour ourselves. i want to make oat bread, rye bread, spelt bread, sprouted wheat bread...

but for now i am just using baker's yeast, until i get in the swing of regularly baking our loaves and learning a little more.

these are rye loaves although they do have wheat flour in them, so not true rye. 

they are turning out well so far.

 i have enjoyed making them.

and eating them!

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