Monday, April 30

right now...

loving... the soft gentle rain that fell last night.

enjoying... the freshness that the rain brings to the soil and plants.

laughing... at ourselves for thinking all along that roger the rooster was a girl.

remembering... what a busy week last week was with all that sewing for the kids clothes week challenge.

wishing... the house would tidy and clean itself.

thinking... that i really must get on with my trimmings competition entry.

wondering... what kind of party to organise for jess's upcoming birthday.

reminding... myself that it's not too far away.

working... on a special book to share with jess on her birthday.

planning... on getting some gardening done this week.

hoping... to get some time to finish reading and then re-reading through all the modules from whole food kitchen.

looking... at our lovely sunflowers on the kitchen table.

deciding... we should grow more flowers just so we have something to bring inside more often.

being... grateful for all i have.

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