Tuesday, April 10

home made

these are the special home made gifts that jess received in her easter basket.

the bunny hand puppets are made from the purl bee pattern. i was only going to make one but two is so much more fun. we have named them buttercup and petunia. yesterday jess was walking around the house still carrying the easter basket and repeating "buttercup and petunia" over and over and over. super easy and relatively quick to make, i really enjoyed stitching these up by hand, it was surprisingly relaxing. i really wanted to make the finger puppets from the purl bee too but thought it might be a bit of over kill so i will save them for next easter.

having finished the puppets i whipped up the dear little chickens out of some felt scraps. i was inspired by the gorgeous farm animals i have seen over at woolfoodmama. i think i will be making some other farm animals in the near future to replace the plastic fisher price little people ones we already have. felt is so much more tactile and just plain nicer.

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  1. What loverly hand made gifts. I too live the finger puppets.