Saturday, April 7

easter morning

easter morning (nearly) began for us with jess waking around 5.30am. Immediately she started talking about the easter bunny bringing eggs and leaving them in the garden and eating the carrot we had left for him (this i might add, was a continuation of the same conversation we had before going to sleep last night!)

mum sleepily answered "mmmm hmmm, uh ha, its still dark, go back to sleep". lucky for me she did.

getting up an hour later we did indeed find easter eggs in the garden and the carrot had been eaten!

oh the look on jess's face (just like so many other children's all over the world, i am sure) was priceless as she looked down at the eggs in her hand. and that little (just audible) intake of breath as another was found is a reminder of why we continue the easter egg hunt tradition. 

children simply just love magic and enchantment.

we went with hard boiled, dyed easter eggs for our hunt as we didn't want jess eating too much chocolate. she has never eaten chocolate before except for a small taste of chocolate cake recently. we did allow one small chocolate egg and although jess enjoyed taking off the wrapper it was a while before she actually bit into it. she was more than happy to share it around so only ended up eating half herself... i don't guess she likes chocolate all that much... yet!

jess was more interested in playing with the home made felt chickens and bunny hand puppets as well as the hard boiled eggs.

happy easter.


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