Friday, March 16

story time

a few books from the library to read this week.

i think our library must have just acquired some new children's books as there were lots i hadn't seen before.

we have a few of the classic beatrix potter books.  jess has been asking for them to be read to her lately, so when i saw this version of a collection of peter rabbit tales i knew jess would enjoy it as it contains some different stories to the ones we have at home.

pussycat pussycat, where have you been? by dan bar-el and illustrated by rae mate is delightful and has quickly become a favourite. gorgeous illustrations and a lovely tale in which the cat travels to many different countries.

cat's whiskers by lynley dodd is a collection of cat tales about slinky malinki and scarface claw. we have a couple of the slinky malinki books but there are also a couple we don't have that are included in this publication. jess is happy that she gets four stories in the one book.

hairy maclary's hat tricks also by lynley dodd is one of the tales about hairy that we don't own so we had to have that one to read this week.

the story about ping by majorie flack and kurt weise was first published in 1933. what a classic. i love this book and remember reading it when i was a child. its a delightful story about a duck who lives with his large family on the yangtze river in china.

and my favourite of the week but also being fequently requested by jess, is all through the year by jane godwin and anna walker. this is a lovely account of a year in the life of an australian family and explores each month, noticing a seasonal change or celebration. i love that it relates to how our seasons are, for instance, in february it is always hot when school goes back after summer holidays, its cold and dewy underfoot as we search for easter eggs and in september it rains and we have daffodils bloom and so on. i am yet to find another seasonal book suited for the southern hemisphere. i think i will have to buy this one.

 we have a few more titles from the library that we haven't had the chance to read yet but they all look wonderful.

we took part in "storytime" at the library for the first time this week. jess was a little shy at first but she soon relaxed and sat still to listen to the stories being read and watched the other children participate in the actions to the songs that were sung. her favourite part of the morning was when it was craft time and she got to use a glue stick to stick some animals onto "the old women who swallowed the fly".
she didn't want to give up that glue stick!!

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