Saturday, February 18

outdoor music spaces

i have been thinking about building a music wall outside for jess for quite a while now.

most of my inspiration has come from these images found on pinterest.

we have picked out the corner for this new music space of ours and have put up some old lattice we had lying around. i think we will put some bamboo across the lattice as i am not fond of the look of it and on the opposite side i intend to grow some sweet peas this winter and then cucumbers in the summer.

then we just need to do some thrifting and find some "instruments". love the idea of old pots and pans and would like to incorporate some sort of xylophone.

the area will also include a mud pie kitchen and baskets for loose parts storage. we have both of these under the veranda at the moment but its nearly time for a change. 

maybe a little space could be found for some sand play as well and i would love to find some old logs to use as table and chairs.

i have just read a very inspiring article, here, on creating playscapes for children. so many great ideas.

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