Saturday, February 18

for little hands

our little friend zephyr is turning one.

i have put together a little home made gift for her.

some little peg gnomes for her to manipulate. i found the tutorial here. very simple.

i made a set for jess as well. they can be used as a hand eye co-ordination activity by slotting them on to the side of the tin but jess prefers to play with them as people and also to name the colours.

i added another hand eye coordination activity to the bag, which is to 'post' the sticks through the holes of the shaker's lid. i did one of these for jess some time ago and it was a real hit.

i made a little draw string bag to keep them all in and it acts as the wrapping.

i want to make most of the gifts that we give this year, especially for little friends birthdays, as it can get quite expensive having to buy a present, card and the wrapping every time there is a birthday to go to. home made is lovely in my opinion. after all it is the thought that counts.

happy birthday zephyr!

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