Thursday, February 23


last night i finished making jess a stick horse.

i found the instructions for him in this wonderful book.

'henry' is made out of an old woolen sock, some left over wool and bits of material scraps as well as a beanie that i bought a few years ago and had shrunk in the wash. i cut the beanie into strips and felted them (with my new found felting expertise) to use for some of the mane. the reins are made from some ribbon that was part of some wrapping and an old t-shirt cut into strips and plaited. a couple of wooden buttons are used for the eyes.

all in all i am really pleased with the result, although henry's nose may be a bit too pointy (i am trying to think of a way to remedy this). i am pleased that it was a cheap project and happy to have been able to upcycle most of the materials.

jess was surprised when she woke this morning to find henry and had lots of fun patting and riding him (and so did mum!) jessica thinks i am an expert horse rider and finds it very funny to see her mum riding around the house on a stick horse.

i am sure this horse will give many hours of open ended play and become a firm friend.

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