Sunday, January 1

more resolutions

i have thought of another new years resolution.

9. less computer time.

might be hard to stick to now that i have started this blog and signed up for the project 366 . i have flickr and pinterest accounts at the ready!

project 366 is a project where you take one photograph each day for a year (i am guessing its a leap year this year?) and you can keep it personal or post them as part of the group on flickr.

i am looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to seeing what everyone else photographs.

i just need to remember to take a photo each day which i intended to do as part of this blog anyway. i am not much of a photographer but i hope to improve my skills along the way.

i think i will try to upload photos once a week though, so i don't get bogged down at the computer everyday.

and maybe once a week i will catch up on all the blogs i read.

and once a week check in with what has been happening on pinterest.

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