Monday, January 2

the happiness project

i know i said i intend to have less computer time this year but...

this morning i found 'the happiness project'. i wasn't looking for it, i just happened upon it.

sounds just like what i need. we can all use a little more happiness in our lives, can't we?

the happiness project began with a book by Gretchen Rubin and is a number one best seller. it is an account of the year she spent test driving theories and studies on how to be happier. i have joined up for the 2012 happiness project but it has been running for a number of years now. 

 check it our further here

it shouldn't take up too much internet time but just provide inspiration and i can just participate how i wish with the blog posts and group discussions etc.

so i ordered the book and i got started straight away on my happiness project and thought about what would make me happier today and that was having clean windows. i know sounds a little strange but i stopped procrastinating and went out and cleaned the windows... lovely, happy.

oh and having a cup of tea made in my new teapot with my favourite earl grey tea also made me happy.

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  1. Clean windows and a pot of tea sound like my kind of happy as well :-)