Saturday, January 7

get moving

yesterday i had an appointment with a personal trainer.

i have signed up for a 45 minute training session once a week for four weeks.

i will see how it is going after that and decided whether to continue with the trainer or go it alone.

i feel motivated already so i think having a trainer for a session a week will be a big boost.

of course i will have to exercise more than once a week but i think having a trainer for a little while will start me off on the right track and get me moving more again.

i have also thought that i will try to get a walk in for 30 minutes each day, try to get a ride in every couple of days, try to do some yoga once a day and once i get going with the trainer use some of her exercises each day whenever i can fit them in.

monday is our first training session, looking forward to it.

its funny how life works sometimes and the coincidences that occur.

in the mail today was information on a series of workshops, to be held locally, aimed at mum's called wisemove. the workshops discuss ways that mums with young children can be active. it is for two hours once a week with one hour devoted to discussion and the other to some physical activity.

starts early february. i am going to do it.

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