Thursday, August 15

loving... counting down the weeks

i am loving counting down the weeks until we welcome a new little one into our family.
and this little girl is so excited to become a big sister, it is her number one topic of conversation!
we are at 24 weeks already and it goes a little way to explain why i haven't been around on this blog much over the last few months.
thoughts and priorities are elsewhere and getting early nights and feeding myself well have been at the top of the list this winter. come spring it will be all about organising and spring cleaning and preparing and at the beginning of summer we will have our new little bundle in our arms.


  1. How very exciting! And someone looks mighty chuffed with it all!! Wishing you gentle days and restful nights as your body grows a human being. Brilliant :) xx

  2. Oh I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. x

  3. Oh wow! And congratulations to you! I just popped in to say thank you for your sweet message - what a lovely surprise. We must be due only weeks apart. Will look forward to sharing this journey with you, lovely Jo xxx