Saturday, July 27


"A portrait of my littlest, once a week, every week in 2013" 

joining in with jodi and all the others at che and fidel

jessica: you wander through the garden, basket in hand, singing softly, picking a  leaf here, a tiny flower there, calendula, lavender, daisies, some parsley and mint, a few blades of grass, seeking out the various colours and textures on offer... then inside you stride happy with your assortment, dishes come out and the work begins, picking up each little piece, breaking them into even smaller bits, sometimes sorting into shades of colour as you go, sometimes all in together for soup or tea, all the while quietly concentrating, a soft song floating on the air until the offering of "i made this for you" comes for those that pass by.
this has been a regular occurrence in our home over the past few weeks. every evening the flowers, leaves and stems are cleared from surfaces and floor only for a fresh lot to appear the next day... the work of the child.

I loved the silhouettes by the sea and the sweet baby face from hello sisilia this past week


  1. Sweet photo - I'm often presented with little mixed bouquets from all around our garden - and there's often flower soup served in the cubby

  2. I love this, and your words painted a perfect picture!