Thursday, January 3

busy hands

i have recently come to the realisation that i need to keep my hands busy. 

i need to be creative.

its who i am.

ever since i remember i have always made stuff, except for the years when i worked as a florist. i filled the creative cup up as i worked and when i came home at night i couldn't bring myself to do anything creative for myself except on a rare occasion.

when i stopped worked and was pregnant with jess i resumed my creative pursuits at home. then jessica was born, time was limited and although i have done bits and pieces in stolen moments i haven't done a lot.

in my pre christmas crafting frenzy i really caught the creative bug again and realised that i feel so much better if i have a project on the go. so this year i have decided i will keep my hands busy. 

i will knit (and get better at it), i will learn to crochet (again), i will craft toys for jess, i will sew, i will make time to be creative.

...because its what i need.

pictured above is my latest project, a vest for me, sitting in my new (to me) basket scored for a bargin at a thrift shop.

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