Saturday, December 22



i have spent much time away from the computer and have totally neglected this space. we have spent time away from home and the days have been so full and hectic that there was just no time for technology (and i must say i haven't missed it). today was the first time in three weeks that i have loaded photos onto the computer and i realised how few photos i have taken in that time. i think i can say that i have failed my first attempt at project 366. 

the break from home was a welcome one. we spent five lovely days in the west of australia with alistair in between jobs, while seeing a new part of australia for the first time. i liked what i saw... a lot.

time was also spent in adelaide visiting friends and family. my littlest seems to have grown so much during our time away, becoming braver everyday. it was lovely to see her so relaxed with family that she doesn't see too often. i am so proud of how jessica has coped with all the impromptu changes her parents regrettably force upon her. (poor love thought she was going to tasmania and ended up in perth!) 


jessica has been drawing and painting up a storm. she thought it may be a nice idea to experiment with some face printing while my back was turned.


the little one has been taking the gift giving very seriously and is always up for some wrapping and sticky taping. meanwhile, i have many projects in the works for christmas. some will be completed, some won't (and that doesn't matter). 


the house has been decorated, the tree trimmed, a wreath made for the door. i can hardly believe what has been achieved since arriving home five days ago. and now christmas is right upon us. it has come around so quick (as it always does!)

time to relax and enjoy!


  1. Merry Christmas Jo!

    So many familiar places in these photos :)

    I have been feeling the same way about technology. My mum has been raving about earthing (i think it's here at And I've been thinking about how good I feel when I'm away from it too. I thought you'd be interested.

    I love the photo of Jess with all the paint on her face.


  2. Good to have you back, but I understand the need to get a break from the computer now and again. Happy Holidays!