Sunday, November 11


oh sunday!

what can i say but hot hot hot!

oh and wind wind wind!

so for us it was a day inside.

music, singing and dancing.

finger painting in the bath, painting on the easel.

making dinner in the morning (so nothing to cook at dinner time), throwing together a delicious raisin chutney (then simply leaving it to ferment for a couple of days), and mixing together the filling ingredients for fruit mince pies (and leaving to soak in alcohol which smells so good in the fridge).

whizzing up cooling smoothies and seeping peppermint from the garden for iced tea.

playing hide and seek.

crafting preparations for christmas giving.

watching the white caps on the ocean and spray flying off the back of waves.

reading book after book after book.

a lazy but full sunday... indoors.

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