Tuesday, November 13

ladybirds and flowers

we wandered the garden this afternoon. a garden who's flowers are giving away from the bright yellow and oranges of early spring to a more subtle palette of pale pinks, lilac and blues.

we wandered, picking a few flowers, checking on the progess of the tomatoes and spying a lot of ladybirds (or is it ladybugs... i never know which to call them)

i have never seen so many at one time before.

jessica, who has been jumping with fright for a while now whenever she sees a beetle or bug, decided to be brave and asked if i could put one on her finger. (a little girl at the playground yesterday had found one and came over with it on her finger to show us)  

i was more than happy to oblige. they walked along our hands and arms until they took their leave and flew away.

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