Monday, November 26


there's not a lot growing in our garden at the moment.

the wind is ferocious most days, it hasn't rained for months (literally), the sun is harsh and at times there are so many flies that gardening isn't a pleasant experience.

i have been trying to get seedlings growing but either they wilt in the sun or their leaves burn to a crisp or the birds peck the leaves until they are full of holes or they scratch at the ground around the plants and cover them with a layer of mulch. if thats not enough to kill them then they are sure to be eaten by any six legged insect that comes along.

yesterday we planted out some more lettuce seedlings, along with basil and parsley and planted bean and corn seeds. i have bits of string tied all around with little bits of tin foil wrapped around the string to hopefully deter the hungry birds. so far it seems to be working.

we do have some nice tomato plants going though and we picked our first tomato a few days ago so that was exciting. we are picking some delicious strawberries but the plants are looking a little grim so i think some shade over them might help.

and the garlic harvest was fantastic this year. the best i have ever grown i do believe. over sixty big fat bulbs of perfect garlic. hopefully it will be enough to last a good part of the year ahead. i have cleaned up all the bulbs and had a go at plaiting them back they don't look right so they will probably just hang in bundles... when i work out where to store them.

summer's nearly here so the good news is there is only a few more months of this harsh weather to go... and then ahhhh! autumn!

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    mercy. We pulled ours a little too early and it was a bit small i'm afriad!

    xo em