Thursday, September 27

to make

i was the lucky winner of a give away on thelittlegnomeshome blog recently. i won a gift voucher worth $80 from my favourite online fabric store kelani fabrics. thanks natalie and kelani. i was so delighted to win.

 i have now spent my voucher and the purchases arrived just the other day.

from left to right in the top photo. little apple trees to make a pillowslip for jessica's 'big' bed. i don't know why but i really fancy making a pillowslip. oval elements peaches and cream for a lazy days skirt for jess, a plain orange dress with blue pockets is what i have planned for the material on top, also for jess. lastly a skirt for me. to be made out of surface art mikko green using the makers journal lickety split skirt. it has been years and years since i have made a piece of clothing for myself. 

a copy of happy homemade volume two has made its way to my door too. i love these patterns and i know i will use them for so many years to come. i am having trouble deciding what to make first from this book though as i like nearly every pattern.

another project i am working on at the moment is a steiner doll for jess. i bought a kit as i wanted to make a doll myself since they are quite expensive to buy. i have only just started it and at the moment plan to stitch it all by hand. i can't decide whether i want jess to have the doll as soon as i have finished it or give it to her as a christmas present. i want it to be special and i would like her to see me making it so she gets an appreciation of the effort put in but am afraid she will rush me through the process just so she can have it to play with. so i can't decide whether to sew it up while she is sleeping or while she is awake. 

i noticed the other day that elsie marley has the kids clothing week challenge on again soon. i very much enjoyed it when i joined in last time but i am not sure if i am up to trying to sew for at least one hour every day for a week this time around. i still have time to decide though.

now to get sewing...


  1. Can't wait to see all your pretty new projects! I signed up for KCWC but now I'm mildly panicking: not sure if I have the time either.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make too! I love the fabrics you choose. Especially the one for your skirt. I'm making an Oliver and S bubble dress for Skye and it's taking me ages! (I'm teaching myself how to sew while sleep deprived). x

  3. Beautiful fabrics you chose. Look forward to seeing what you create. x