Saturday, August 11

oh sourdough!


i go from one success to two failures. so happy when it works... so not when it doesn't. not sure where i am going so wrong. 

i have made many loaves now using the no knead recipe from the nourished kitchen blog. sometimes edible but often it ends up as chicken food before we have eaten the whole loaf. i liked this recipe, which i posted about here, as it makes very little mess but i got frustrated with the failures so i put the starter culture into hibernation while i got my head around the process a bit more.

while surfing the net the other day i came across a recipe for malted wheat and honey sourdough. sounded delicious and easy so i thought i would give it a go (i didn't have malted wheat flour so used wholemeal wheat flour). i followed a couple more links and learnt a bit more about sourdough, gained a bit more confidence. yes i can be a sourdough baker!

the first loaf (pictured above) turned out fantastic, i could've eaten the whole thing myself. happy happy!

the next two loaves just didn't work. 

back to the drawing board.

i think i need lessons from someone in the know don't you think? or a warmer house? 

or both!

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