Sunday, July 22

small world play

i put out an "invitation to play" this morning after being inspired by some wonderful small world play scenes over at the imagination tree.

i simply filled a tub with water to which i added some blue food colouring and placed a few smooth pebbles in one corner for the land, some beach glass and shells for the diver to explore under the water.

a "toob" of underwater creatures and the diver, a few of duplo sea animals and a little wooden boat completed the scene.

jessica was thrilled to be able to play "daddy the diver" in the dining room.

i also gathered together some sea and beach theme books to place in the basket nearby for inspiration.

manfish by jennifer berne 
 a wonderful children's picture book covering the life of jacques cousteau. i think for us, so far, this book is the best i have found to explain diving to jessica (diving being what her dad does for his work) as well as being a lovely story of jacques' life. 

the rainbow fish by marcus pfister
 this had been a favourite with my older girls and is a lovely story about the importance of sharing and being kind to others.

magic beach by alison lester
another favourite book featuring the children's adventures whilst on holiday at the beach.

not a nibble by elizabeth honey
this is a delightful story about a girl doesn't give up trying to catch a fish, day after day. she doesn't ever catch one but she so graciously tries and in the end she spots a whale out to sea and thinks this is even better than catching a fish because after all "anyone can catch a fish!"

and two non fiction books about sea animals both well worn and loved.

i think we will revisit this kind of play over time as jess gets older and make it more and more complicated adding pipes underwater for daddy to fix and maybe even a decompression chamber for daddy to live in and a bell for him to go deep underwater in to go to work.

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