Monday, July 30

right now

watching the bulbs on my kitchen table grow a little taller each day.

anticipating the sweet flowers that will soon be blooming.

reminding myself that spring will soon be upon us and the warmer days will return, so not to complain about the cold, that is today.

looking out at a garden that has made much progress this winter.

making lists and plans in my head for all the garden jobs that need doing... now!

wondering which one i will tackle in the garden this afternoon.

feeling grateful for all the eggs our chickens have been laying.

cooking a lovely lamb roast for dinner tonight.

thinking about the wonderful gourmet farmer series two that i have been watching over the past week.

enjoying having a man about the house again.

noticing how much happier jess is with her daddy home.

laughing at their antics together trying to round up the chickens recently.

noticing how the days are suddenly getting longer as the sun sets a little later each day.

needing to get back into some sort of exercise routine.

wanting to feel fit.

thinking a lot about food and nutrition.

reading a lot of blogs related to 'real food'.

being calm and content (doesn't come easy to some!)

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