Sunday, June 10

so long roger

we have done a swap.

our rooster roger for six bantams.

we will miss roger but he has gone to a good home and will spend his days under a pistachio orchard, not far away.

he had just started crowing and already i have missed his morning wake up call.

i am sure the neighbours don't!

the six new bantams are settling in well and we even got an egg from one this morning.

three have been named so far. we have licorice allsorts for the little black one with the funny white bits on the side, pepper for a speckled white one that looks as though someone has sprinkled pepper on her back and nutmeg for one of the silky bantams just because its a nice name for a chook.

do you think its funny to name chickens? i think our neighbours probably do, even though they have their own chickens right next door to ours. one of their chickens pops over the fence every now and then. we call her margaret after margaret thatcher as she is very bossy.

we are enjoying having our own eggs and have them for lunch most days. 

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