Wednesday, June 13

right now...

getting excited about our road trip.

feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about all the things i need to do before we leave.

making many lists.

looking forward to catching up with dear friends and family.

hoping the dog and chickens will survive while we are away.

smelling wondrous smells wafting from the kitchen stove as i make pot after pot of stock and soups to warm us on these cold winter days.

cooking lots of recipes from nourishing traditions by sally fallon and referring to it all the time.

watching huge amounts of white water fly off the back of the waves breaking on the reef, all day long. the water looking so dark and the white water so white, that i have been staring out of the window for much of the day.

appreciating the beauty of where we live.

seeing so many rainbows.

listening to the rain falling on the roof and the thunder rock the house.

smiling at the thought of an early night.

enjoying warm milk, honey and a pinch of salt as my before bed drink.

reading the second issue of taproot.

loving the green of winter and the moisture in the air and on the ground.

reminding myself to be patient as jess tries to help with all the household chores.

laughing at a little girl who keeps saying "bon appetit" and "osso buco" over and over again.

thinking about how much she will have grown and changed by the time her daddy returns home from his offshore working stint.

wanting that time to go quickly for all of us.

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