Wednesday, June 6

a pile of books to read

i haven't been blogging all that much lately. i have been having plenty of early nights tucked up in bed with a book. doing the single parent thing, as i am at the moment, is pretty tiring.

 it's getting dark so early and it's cold as we head towards the winter solstice.

so reading is much more enticing than sitting here at the computer. 

i have a big pile of books next to my bed at the moment and i am swapping between books, reading a bit here and there from each one. i don't know why i do that, i think it is just that i have so much i want to read and so little time to do it.

nourishing traditions by sally fallon. 
i simply love this book. i am finding that i am trying quite a few of the ideas outlined as i steer my family towards a more traditional way of eating. more of that in another post soon.

learning together, what montessori can offer your family by kathi hughes.
some great ideas in here for montessori style home learning.

a cook's life by stephanie alexander.
this is stephanie's autobiography. i am a huge fan and have many of her cookbooks. 

the happiness project by gretchen rubin
i have been in and out of this book since the start of the year! i originally intended to read it all in one go. the chapters go month by month so i am not doing too badly as i am up to "june" now. i will try to keep up with one chapter a month until the end of the year. its an inspiring read and although i don't have my own happiness project going, i do take many of the ideas on board.

the aware baby and helping young children flourish by aletha j. solter
fantastic books on attachment and mindful parenting which i am finding very useful at the moment with a little one that is having a tough time dealing with her father being away working.

the rhythm of family by amanda blake soule
i have to admit i love books that follow the seasons (adult's and children's) and this one is no exception. the essays are a joy to read and a great reminder to me for the way i wish to parent. lots of activities, crafts and cooking too makes for a great combination. this is a book that i will come back to again and again.

isn't the yellow cymbidium orchid just gorgeous, very cheery for these cold grey days of winter.

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