Monday, May 7

where in the world

we have had an upheaval this week.

the man of the house has gone off to do some work in another country.

quite hard for a little one to comprehend. 

at the moment i think it helps jess by going to the airport for the drop off, planes meaning travel. 

we have been looking at the world map and have marked with red thread from our home to the destination. it will make it easy for jess to find where her dad is. 

i am thinking about cutting out a tiny house (to locate us) and maybe a boat to show where dad is too.

we got the globe out today too and looked for china on that. as our map and globe are political maps the countries are coloured. jess looked in the right direction for china but as the two maps show the countries in different colours she thought that russia was china because it was coloured green on the globe.

jess pointed out bali too, being our holiday destination last year, she has been able to accurately point to that on the map for many months.

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