Thursday, May 31

the horses

we went to see the horse's near our little friend's house this morning.

a mother and her foal.

they happily ate apples and grass from our hands.

then it was off to see the chickens, ducks and the turkey.

what a beautiful day to end autumn.

clear blue sky, warm sunshine, slight breeze, long shadows, green grass, damp ground.

i love this time of year.


  1. What lovely images Jo! We recently made friends with a gorgeous horse over at Collingwood farm - these pics remind me of how softly it nuzzled my little chickens hands. How big she was and yet how incredibly gentle. Gorgeous!
    Cheers, Alisa

    ps. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment :-)

    1. i lived in melbourne for a while and used to visit collingwood children's farm when my two eldest girls were little. their first interactions with animals was there and ceres. isn't so great to have such places in the middle of the city.