Wednesday, April 11

whole food, real food, good food

i have been feeling like eating very healthy food lately.  to boost our nutrient intake i have been sprouting seeds and grains and, my latest thing, growing micro greens, both sprouts and micro greens being packed full of goodness. 

i have been very inspired by the whole food kitchen online workshop and have been trying out lots of the recipes and everything i have tried, has been delicious. 

mexican lentil stew
rustic chicken, rosemary and mushroom stew 
mediterranean pasta toss
red lentil dahl
strawberry banana oat muffins
banana blender pancakes
carrot sesame spice cookies

these are just some of the dishes i have tried. i have so many more i will cook in the coming weeks. 

now all of this healthiness has led me to yogurt, home made yogurt...

i have a new skill. i am quite excited.

i can make home made yogurt!

i know, i know lots of people make their own yogurt but this is something i have thought about for so, so long. i have always been afraid to try. i can't believe how easy it is, now that i have done it successfully.

we have had an esi-yo yogurt maker in our home for many years but i have never really liked the yogurt it produces. (if you're not familiar with esi-yo, you simply mix a pre made esi - yo packet with water and sit it in the larger container in a hot water bath and eight hours later it is ready to eat).

i had an aunt who always made her own yogurt and had often wondered how she did it. then about five years ago a friend and i had a conversation about making yogurt and she told me how to do it... i never did get to it though... i should've paid more attention... 

i did have one attempt late last year using a yogurt starter that i purchased from the health food shop but didn't have any success with that. in fact it was disgusting and was promptly thrown away. i don't think i had the milk the right temperature as i hadn't yet purchased a thermometer.

this, i have decided is the key.

heat the milk to the right temperature, cool it to the right temperature, mix in yogurt and milk powder (the latter to produce a thicker yogurt), bundle it up to keep warm next to the light in the oven all night and in the morning its done.

so easy!

 i am amazed!

and it tastes so, so good!

i am so easily pleased! very happy to be making yogurt!

oh and now i know how to make yogurt i think sour dough bread baking will have to be my next accomplishment in the kitchen.

wish me luck... i will need it.

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