Sunday, April 1


sunday at our place...

a morning walk to the beach, the sky and sea looked so blue today and there was a big swell which i always find exciting.

what a beautiful calm day it was.

i finished the vest for jess late last night. she helped me to choose the buttons from my stash this morning and i finished it off. the buttons are okay but i may replace them if i find ones i like better when we go to town next. 

i am pleased with the finished product... don't look too closely... there are a few mistakes but i think its okay for a first attempt at something like this. i am sure i will use this pattern again and it will be very easy next time.

a bit of weeding took place, planted out a few seeds, did a bit of cooking, a bit of sewing this evening.

i am feeling happy that day light savings has ended. it was nice having dinner in the warm glow of candle light as it was beginning to get dark.

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