Sunday, April 29

kcwc day seven

well last day of the kids clothes week challenge today.

its been a great week, very productive and i guess thats what it is all about.

i have completed eight items of clothing and the pair of slippers (they would be the one's that still won't be worn but look kind of cute sitting under the bed!)

today i took it pretty easy and finally up-cycled a favourite dress, that i hadn't worn for a few years, into a pair of pants for jess. they were inspired by the ones that cirque du bebe made way back on day two.

a little big at the moment but at least they have room for growing and are very comfortable.

hard to see in these photos but they actually have pockets at the front. i had planned to add a drawstring but that ended up being too much work in the end. 

yes... i have had enough of sewing (for a little while).

i have enjoyed this experience though and will definitely join in next time around.

now back to the knitting...


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