Thursday, April 26

kcwc day four

day four.

well i didn't manage to get as much finished as i would've liked today but i think that my expectations of myself are a little too great sometimes.

i finish this pair of cord pants late this afternoon (hence the poor quality photos as it was beginning to get dark by the time i thought to photograph them). i love the liberty binding on them. sweet and simple, i cut the pattern for these from another pair of jess's pants and added the gathering and binding to the bottoms. i also added the pockets to the back.

i also finally finished the slippers. i made these up as i went being inspired some time ago by a pair that meg made for finn. i think they are cute and they fit very well but jess is not so sure about them. hmmm...

they were quite fiddly to make and took more time than they should've but i think i will try them again, one day. i used a jacket from the op shop for the soles and felted wool for the top, with vintage binding (love). i am happy with them even if the little one is not.

i have also made a (big) start on a winter jacket tonight.

more of that tomorrow.



  1. All the clothes you've made so far are super cute! I especially love the swing jumper ones, and the slippers. Good luck today on sewing through the pile!

    1. thanks amber, its going slowly today but i may pick up the speed again before the day is through!