Saturday, April 21

its been raining!

oh happy happy happy!


it started with a drizzle before we went to bed last night.

i think it may have continued on through the night until this morning and then today it pretty much rained all morning. now it has reduced to the occasional shower.

what a lovely change.

it was quite dark while we were having breakfast this morning so jess and i lit the candle to give us a warm glow. 

it felt nice to be all cosy inside having hot home made baked beans on toast for lunch, ugg boots and jumpers on.

of course there had to be some jumping in puddles as well!

a perfect day for staying indoors and preparing for kids clothes week challenge which starts on monday. i am itching to get started so i will probably set up the sewing machine this afternoon and start sewing something... maybe some slippers for jess...

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