Saturday, March 10

sock love

 i picked up some needles and yarn recently and have begun making a small jumper for jess's favourite teddy, angus. 

a little project to practice on before i tackle a vest for jess.

but my thoughts are with knitting socks.

i love woollen socks and would really love to be able to make my own. 

as my knitting skills are very basic i am not sure how i would go with socks. they look complicated but can they really be?

i have downloaded a free pattern from ravelry and maybe i will give them a try soon. i think i may need a book from the library for some tips and pointers too.

images from top

1. from etsy, love these but a little out of my price range for socks (okay a lot!)
2. also from etsy found here
3. my favourite from my pinterest board
4. the pattern i downloaded from ravelry
5. also from ravelry but look far too complicated for me.

surely, knitting socks can't be too hard to do!

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