Friday, March 30

right now...

right now i am...

wishing it would rain tonight.

listening to the chairs out on the decking being blown across it by the hot dry wind.

working on the little knitted vest for jess... still!

hoping to have it finished by this time tomorrow.

enjoying that the days are getting shorter and it is easier to get jess to bed a little earlier.

readying myself for making easter treats next week.

looking forward to getting into the gardening this weekend.

deciding that i will cook a few new recipes over the coming week from the wholefood kitchen online workshop... they all look so yummy and healthy.

noticing that jess's language skills are coming along in leaps and bounds.

reminding myself, constantly, that jess still isn't two as she seems so much older at times.

wondering what camera club will be like on monday night... being new to it myself.

looking at the beautiful sketch that eloise gave me for my birthday yesterday... again and again and again!

remembering my week away and how good it was to see friends and family.

being inspired by the book i am reading, down to earth by rhonda hetzel.

feeling  so lucky for having three such beautiful daughters.

don't you think the tree photographed above is amazing? it's a carob tree and was at a park in adelaide. i love the way its trunk wraps around itself.

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