Monday, March 5

right now...

right now i am...

enjoying the quietness of my house during nap time.

wishing it could last all afternoon.

hearing only the sound of the birds singing outside and occasionally the dog shuffling around on the deck to find a more comfortable position.

smiling at the thought of a little girl pointing to things in a book and trying so hard to pronounce everything correctly.

looking forward to having some time this week to sew up some more clothes for jess.

happy that autumn is here and summer seems (at the moment) to be gone.

noticing it has been a little cooler at night and dewy in the mornings.

wanting a teenage daughter to spend a little more time at home.

readying myself to create some easter gifts for the girls.

reminding myself to get together a little present for my mum's birthday next week.

remembering this time last year, when we had recently moved to this house and jess was just learning to pull herself to standing and cruise the furniture.

deciding that i need to have more patience.

hoping i can get up in the dark tomorrow morning and get to exercise class.

thinking about planting out bulbs in the garden with jess.

wondering if she will remember planting them when they flower later in the year.

feeling refreshed after a morning out of the house with some lovely ladies and their children.

laughing at my attempts to learn zumba moves.

waiting for taproot to arrive in the mail.

inspired by soulemama to be mindful for what is happening right now.

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